Creagh Studios is a professional recording studio located in Gorey town, Co. Wexford, featuring the best of both vintage analog and modern digital tools. Making the best music with a relaxed yet focused attitude in an intimate setting is our goal.
  • Logic Pro X

  • Shure SM58

  • Shure Beta57

  • Shure SM57 x3 (00s, 80s, 70s)

  • Shure SM81

  • Audix D6

  • Neumann KM184 (matched pair)

  • Aston Spirit Condenser

  • Focusrite Saffire PRO40

  • Behringer Auto Com Pro ADX 1400

  • Samson Powerstrip PS10

  • KRK Rokit 5

  • Bush Stereo

  • Seinnheiser HD 205 x2

  • Samson Headphone Amp

  • '94 Fender Telecaster (Mexican)

  • Fender Paramount PM-1 Deluxe

  • Orange Bass

  • Ortega Soprano Ukulele

  • Roland HP-137 Electric Piano

  • Rosedale Electric Chord Organ

  • Ludwig Signet 105 American Maple Drum Kit

  • Sabian Cymbals (AAX CStadium Ride 20', AAX Studio Hats, AA Thin Crash, HHX Groove Crash

  • Various Precussion (shakers, tamourines, djembe, cajon etc)

  • AMPS:

  • Mesa Boogie Nomad 45

  • Ashdown Tone Man 300

  • HiWatt Maxwatt 15

  • Selection of effects pedals